About the Household of Faith...

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    Jhun Ma

    Evangelist, Philippines

    "It was an awesome experience to attend the Household of Faith congregation. I was greeted and warmly welcomed by smiling brothers and sisters in Christ. What I notice is their emphasis on the message they've heard and they meditate and discussed it through their small groups that served as their Bible Study sessions. The questions are based on the message delivered the last Sunday."

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    Peter Soh

    Christian, Malaysia

    "This church is not called Household of Faith for nothing. Households stick together no matter what and God has only one provision for believing in Him - faith. All people are divided between those who doubt and those who believe, as demonstrated clearly at the cross with two criminals beside Jesus. So thankful for this church."

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    Arthur Tatara

    Teacher, PNG

    "I am teaching spiritual discipline in a Bible school, so the lessons from the Household of Faith really helped me. I completed the lessons on the Kingdom of God on a mission trip to Waria."


    Arthur Tatara, Melanesian Bible College, PO Box 409 Lae 411 Morobe Province, Papua New Guinea.

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    Chito Luis

    President, MARCH

    "Please put me in your weekly sermon delivery broadcast list. Really appreciate the Household of Faith providing your sermon powerpoints. Would you have a voice recording of your sermon to go along with it? That would complete the lesson."


    Thanks for your suggestion - tap here to go to our video sermon page

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    Peter Zhu

    Preacher, China

    "Thank you for sharing this and keeping in touch, hope Facebook can be available in China so that more brothers and sisters can be connected to each other and sharing their life.

    The journey with the Household of Faith has been a great encouragment to me. I’m using a VPN now and for sure I’ll participate in your sermons from time to time. Best regards."

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    Stephen Sang

    Director, Central Myanmar Discipleship Training

    "I am just wondering if your book "Walking with God" has been translated into Burmese. If it has not yet translated into Burmese, I would like to have your permission for me to do it. Because this book has been so helpful for my walk with God and also for my ministry here. Maybe one day God will make a way for me to publish it for the benefits of other Christians in my country."