• Bible answers to Your Questions by our Minister

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    Where do you put God in our lives? Who Does God Mean to Us?
    • Pocket God - Genie in a Lamp?
    • Wearable Jewelry - Lucky Charm?
    • Far and Aloof - Out of touch with my needs.

    Who does God mean to us? Is Your God is Too Small? Has God remained static?
    • J. B. Phillips’ Book - Your God is too Small
    • Meek and Mild
    • Resident Policeman
    • Grand Old Man in the Sky.

    Do We Create God in Our Own Image?
    • Like a Woodcutter – Isaiah 44:17.

    We need to confront God as in...
    • Bethel experience – Gen 28:11-19
    • Isaiah 6 experience
    • Damascus experience – Acts 9:3-19
    • Job’s experience.

    God is Far Above All We Can Think
    • Like an ant before Eiffel Tower.

    God is All Powerful; Ever Present
    • He has always existed
    • He created the world by His word
    • The Bible is beyond comprehension.

    So Awesome yet… God is a Personal God…
    • He made us in His image – Gen 2:7
    • He planned the church before the foundation of the world – Ephesians 1:4
    • He has always desired to dwell amongst us – Exodus 25:8.

    Get to Know God…
    • Discipline yourself and family with a daily Devotion
    • Keep the Word fresh by studying and discussing at Bible classes
    • Learn to Walk and Talk with Him as a Personal God
    • Give God priority in every area of your life – Romans 12:1, 2.